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Which Boston Terrier Mix Is Right For You?

Boston Terrier Mix PuppyA Boston Terrier mix is created by breeding, or “crossing” a purebred Boston Terrier with another purebred dog. The mix is what is sometimes referred to as a “designer dog” or “hybrid dog”.

Boston Terrier mixes are sought after because of the well-known temperament of the Boston Terrier. The Boston Terrier is gentle, alert, very intelligent, well-mannered and enthusiastic, traits that shine through in a Boston Terrier mix.  Boston's like to learn and therefore are not difficult to train. Their intelligence ensures they pick things up quickly. 

The American Canine Hybrid Club (ACHC), the main registry for hybrid dogs, currently recognizes over 500 designer breed crosses, including the Boston Terrier Mixes listed below.

  • American – Eskimo Boskimo
  • Beagle – Boglen Terrier
  • Bassett Hound – Basston
  • Cocker Spaniel – Boston Spaniel
  • Dachsund – Bo-Dach
  • English Bulldog – English Boston Bulldog
  • French Bulldog – Faux Frenchbo Bulldog
  • Lhasa Apso – Bosapso
  • Miniature Pinscher – BospinMiniature
  • Schnauzer –Miniboz
  • Papillon – Bostillon
  • Pekignese – Bostinese
  • Pomeranian – Pomston
  • Poodle – Bossi-Poo
  • Pug – Buggs
  • Shih Tzu – Bo-Shih
  • Toy Fox – TerrierFoxton

Other popular Boston mixes that are NOT yet recognized by the ACHC are:

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Boston Terrier Breed – Information, Pictures and Videos on Boston Terriers

The Boston Terrier breed is a compact, small pet with a square face and a character bigger than their 10-25 pound size. They are normally not as driven or high energy as the “common terrier”.

With the label “American Gentleman” the Boston terrier is generally a friendly, loving pet dog that could differ within the breed from extremely eager to really stubborn. Some are cuddly, some are more independent but due to an ancestry of being friend canines they normally get along well with people, canines and other pets.

Boston Terrier ColorsBoston Terrier Colors

People would be shocked to hear that these canines were really bred below bulldogs, bull terriers and later French Bulldogs to decrease the size. Early in the development they were fighting canines, mainly from English bulldog and English terrier stock. Due to the origins from that stock around Boston in the 1870s the club was initially called the American Bull Terrier Club but that didn’t set well with Bull Terrier breeders so the name was changed to a more neighborhood representation and the Boston Terrier was born, first admitted into the AKC in 1893 as the first US type recognized and the first non-sporting pet reproduced in the US.

Boston Terrier PageBoston Terrier Page


Just like the Morgan horse traces to one horse, the Boston terrier traces to “Judge” had by Robert Hooper. Bred to Edward Burnett’s “Gyp” the foundation was begun especially with Well’s Eph. This is a fairly young breed as history goes.

Today they are terrier in name only, but they still make a wonderful companion pet.

From a criteria point for conformation the pet dog must be stabilized, with great expression and correct markings. Eyes, ears, feet and color/markings have points granted, although strong colored pet dogs without markings is reason for disqualification.

The shortened muzzle of the Boston terrier does bring some challenges you should know about. Excessive heat or cold can harm your pet dog so care is needed to shield him from extremes while working out.

Brachycephalic symptoms is one of the issues that influences not only the French Bulldog however the Boston terrier. With these breeds, low pressure within the air passage indicates the pet dog needs to work more challenging to breathe – to pull that air into the lungs.

Do not let your Boston terrier stick his head outside the automobile – while securing the eyes of any canine with this rule is important, since of the really structure of the head it’s even more true with Bostons. Keep your Boston terrier away from thorny plants to prevent getting their eyes scraped, and stay clear of dusty areas if possible.

This is worried due to the fact that there are 20 different issues that could be produced with Boston terriers. If a typically outbound canine comes to be “clingy” it could also be a sign he’s not able to see as well and looking to you for assistance.

There is nothing that could be done to reverse or diminish cataracts. It is essential to be mindful of safeguarding the eyes of your Boston terrier and as much as feasible lower the opportunities of injury. There is sometimes surgical options, but this isn’t foolproof. Pets that are blind could live a healthy, regular life if handled with this in mind. Keep the environment familiar and keep him in a fenced yard or on leash at all times when outside.

Juvenile cataracts is a recessive hereditary disease – both parents may be regular however if the offspring have the wrong genetics match up they can have the disease not present in the moms and dads. Genetic testing prior to reproducing is highly advised to figure out if the individual is a provider of juvenile cataracts.

Some heart concerns are additionally known to affect Boston terriers along with things that impact all dogs no matter what breed.

Some breeders mention necessary C-sections so in addition to wellness testing there is a veterinarian concentrating on bully types (keep in mind that breathing problem) and hence a price of thousands of dollars to produce one puppy. Due to the blocky head it is not uncommon for a C-section to be should produce puppies, something that requires severe consideration prior to reproducing. With the high costs it would seem need for these terrific little pets is high enough one requirement never ever be in rescue, however that is not the case.

There are certainly major considerations to reproducing any dog and more so with types like the Boston terrier. Similarly particular even amongst champion to champion reproducing not all will be program pet dogs but these are still incredible animals and companions. If the Boston terrier sounds like a dog that would be a fit for your house, contact a Boston terrier breeder to see about an unshowable pet, or check into saves that pull canines quit by their owners or discovered on the streets. There are unbelievable pet dogs seeking residences and if you are serious about discovering your perfect Boston terrier it can take place.

Watch Animal Planet’s Dogs 101:Boston Terriers For More Information

Be sure to check out our new forum while you’re here and join our community of Boston Terrier and Boston Terrier Mix lovers!

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Female Boston Terrier – Info, Photos and Video of Female Boston Terriers

Looking for information on the female Boston Terrier? You’ve come to the right place!

Female Boston Terriers are amazing companions. They are great family pets, and very rarely bark so are great for apartment dwellers. They are also known to be easier to housebreak than their male counterparts, so may save you some messes if you’re less tolerant of these things.

They just want to hang out with their owners, and can become depressed if left alone too much so make sure your schedule has lots of doggie time built in if you’re going to choose a female Boston Terrier as a companion.

Here Are Some Adorable Female Boston Terriers to Brighten Your Day!

Unique Dog Names for Boston Terrier Puppies | Suite101Unique Dog Names for Boston Terrier Puppies | Suite101


girl boston terrier puppy #girl boston terrier puppy #


My baby girl Boston Terrier - Sojo - ImgurMy baby girl Boston Terrier – Sojo – Imgur


Female Boston Terrier & Tennis Ball Puppy ID #: 083138 Breed: Boston Terrier – ACA registered Gender: Female Color: Black & White

Baby Boston takes on Full Grown Doberman
Our new 8 week old Female Boston Terrier isn’t afraid of our Female Doberman! It’s Funny…Full grown adults will cross the street to go around Jade. But not Lily!!! 

Male Italian Greyhound, female Boston Terrier & their Bostalian son.
Male Italian Greyhound, female Boston Terrier & their son playing on the couch.

We hope you enjoyed the information, pictures and videos of these incredible female Boston Terriers and Boston Terrier Mixes!

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Beagle Boston Terrier Mix – Breed Information, Photos, Videos

We’ve searched the web high and low for information on Beagle Boston Terrier Mixes… And here are the results!

Information on the Beagle Boston Terrier Mix

The Beagle Boston Terrier mix dog breed, as the name suggests, is a combination of Boston Terrier and Beagle dog breeds. Find out more about their traits and nature.

Those of you who have dreamed about having a Boston Terrier and a Beagle as pets but couldn’t do so due to some reason, here is good news for you! You can get a combination of both, the Boston Terrier and the Beagle, which is popularly called Boglen Terrier.
Read more at Buzzle: http://www.buzzle.com/articles/beagle-boston-terrier-mix.html

Beagle Boston Terrier Mix Photos

Boglen Terrier Pictures and Photos, 1Boglen Terrier Pictures and Photos, 1


Chloe the Beagle Mix | Puppies | Daily PuppyChloe the Beagle Mix | Puppies | Daily Puppy


Boglen Terrier, Boglen Terriers, Beagle Boston HybridBoglen Terrier, Boglen Terriers, Beagle Boston Hybrid


Beagle Boston Terrier MixBeagle Boston Terrier Mix

 Beagle Boston Terrier Mix Videos



We hope you enjoy these pictures and videos of Beagle Boston Terrier Mixes  as much as we have. Make sure to leave us your comments!


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Brown Boston Terriers – Info Photos and Videos of Brown Boston Terriers

Who in the world can resist a brown Boston Terrier? Certainly not us! We’ve gone out and found some of the most adorable brown Boston’s on the web… we know you’ll love them as much as we do!

Read on to find out more information on these intelligent, fun-loving, affectionate dogs. We hope you enjoy the pictures and videos as much as we did!

Information On Brown Boston Terriers

The Chocolate Boston Terrier is sometimes incorrectly described as seal colored. Genetically, a chocolate Boston (also referred to as a Brown Boston Terrier) is the same as the red Bostons, with the exception of an unidentified allele which affects whether the coat appears red or brown in the colored areas. Brown Bostons tend to be very dark brown, although they can range in color from a light milk chocolate color to a very dark chocolate brown.

Brown Bostons are considered non-standard according to the AKC standard for the breed. Learn more about the AKC Boston Terrier Standard (source: http://www.bostonterrierhub.com/chocolate-boston-terrier.html)

Brown Boston Terrier Pictures

Boston Terrier Information and Pictures, Boston Terriers

Boston Terrier Information and Pictures, Boston Terriers


Boston Terrier Information and Pictures, Boston TerriersBoston Terrier Information and Pictures, Boston Terriers


Photo: Peanut The Little Brown Boston Terrier | iBostonTerrier.com ...Photo: Peanut The Little Brown Boston Terrier | iBostonTerrier.com …


Dexy The Brown Boston TerrierDexy The Brown Boston Terrier


Chocolate, seal, brown Boston Terrier, ckc registered - Atlanta ...Chocolate, seal, brown Boston Terrier, ckc registered – Atlanta …

Adorable Brown Boston Terrier Videos

That’s it for today… hope these adorable brown Boston Terriers made your day!


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Three Tips For Choosing a Boston Terrier Puppy

boston terrier adoptionMany have succeeded at choosing the right Boston Terrier Puppy while a good many others failed. The variances between great results and poor results is often found in the manner an individual carry it out approaching the work. Listed below are three good ideas , to pick the perfect pup. Follow these tips and you can make sure you get the perfect Boston for you!

First, you should research the dog breeder.It is most important which you find out as much as possible in regards to the breeder and make this happen properly. If you undertake the idea in this way, you can be sure you’ll be getting a dog that’s been well cared for along with socialized prior to becoming your canine friend and you will be in a very good position. In the event you forget it or fail to pay attention, you’re likely to be getting a dog that has not really had it’s 1st shots at the suitable intervals, and may not be used to sleeping in a family house (your Boston is definitely a house dog).. If you undertake it wrong by Picking up your Boston from a pet store or a pup mill then you probably have problems with the health of the dog in the long run, or conduct issues related to poor treatment method and handling at the young age.

Second, you’ll want to take notice of the puppy for signs of any health issue. The nasal area should be cold and also wet, no manifestation of mucous in the eyes or nose, no sign of ticks or mange and so on. This is essential, will be crucial in identifying whether you do well or fail. It is crucial for these reasons: A healthy puppy will be a welcome inclusion to any family members, but one that is very sickly can be the cause of significantly stress and heart-break, not forgetting a financial burden. Neglecting to do this will likely suggest frequent and costly trips to the animal medical practitioner, missed days of work to care for a unwell pet and possibly the shorter lifespan. Consequently you must take great care to choose a healthy Boston Terrier Puppy

Third, you must remember to observe the behavior of the puppy, both with all the other puppies within the litter and one-on-one on your own. In the event you neglect this or get it wrong, you actually could end up with your dog that doesn’t socialize well with others or you do not connect with. And a character match is so important when choosing a friend with a lifespan of 15 years.

Follow these 3 tips for choosing a Boston Terrier Puppy and you will in all likelihood be successful and enjoy every one of the rewards and benefits which owning a Boston Terrier Puppy would provide you with. Ignore them as well as the prediction just isn’t good. The choice is yours… follow these and come out forward; ignore them and you run the risk of selecting the wrong dog, which can be agonizing in itself. Take your time as well as choose the right Boston Terrier Puppy – it will likely be worth the wait!

Boston Terrier Puppy

Boston Terrier Puppy

Boston Terrier Puppy

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Trouble Housebreaking the Boston Terrier? Five Simple Steps to Get the Job Done

housebreak boston terrierHousebreaking a doggy is an exercise in persistence at the best of times. But it’s recognized in the canine community that housebreaking a Boston Terrier can be particularly difficult.

While there is no perfect way to make the course more manageable, being consistent will improve the effectiveness of any trick. Housebreaking your Boston Terrier can be a challenging task, but consistently follow these five simple steps and you’ll be sure to get results much more quickly!

Step 1. Begin crate training straight away. This can be really crucial since puppies do not like to have accidents where they sleep. Even if the uncommon accident does occur in the crate, you can be assured it will only occur in one localized, easy-to-clean space. If you avoid this step, your doggy will have full range of the condo while you’re out, and will have accidents wherever they feel the urge. Puppies need to relieve themselves about six times a day, so conclude that they will make use of the entire condominium if you leave it up to them.

Step 2. After your Boston Terrier eats, take them outside immediately. This can be an astonishingly important step which will need your full attention and concentration. You’ll need to be there to monitor eating at first. The reason you’ll need to do this is that your puppy will generally need to relieve itself immediately and if you’re not there to make sure they’re in the right spot, you may get back just that one second too late.

Step 3. Clean up all accidents immediately and thoroughly. The principal reason why, is basically because we want to get rid of signs that the accident ever occured, particularly the scent. If there is an ever-present odor, this can cause the puppy to think this is the correct place to go and cause a repeat offense in the same location. Another essential reason could be to keep your home.

Step 4. Take frequent and random trips outside, or to the restroom location and use encouraging words. To elaborate on that a bit, my 4-year-old Boston Terrier pees on command, simply because I trained her to go when I said “pee pee.” This isn’t just beneficial during training, but also later on when you’re in a rush and need them to go quickly.

Step 5. Do not punish “accidents.” Especially when they are puppies, they won’t understand what you’re upset about anyway. This is part difficult for some dog owners, but the fact of the matter is that dogs respond better to positive stimulus than negative. Additionally, while you want your puppy to respect you, you do not want them to fear you. Boston Terriers, more so than other breeds, are particularly sensitive to the tone of your voice, so even yelling and harsh tones can send them shaking and cowering into the corner. And worse case, it can cause them to urinate in fear, further compounding the problem.

In the end, if you have stuck with the above mentioned tips all the way, you’ll have succeeded and now can relax and relish the benefits of that success. Housebreaking a Boston Terrier is no easy task, so you can be a little bit pleased with yourself and self-satisfied! You set out to “Climb this mountain”, and today you have done it! Revel a little bit in your accomplishment. Now have fun with your newly trained best friend!

If you do not stick to the above tips, your Boston should eventually figure it out, but you may end up with a very soiled home in the process! Good luck!


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Nunu The Boston Terrier

Nunu the Boston TerrierNunu is a five year old purebred Boston Terrier. She loves kids, cats and playing with her rubber chicken. Born in Ontario, Canada, Nunu now lives with her “mom” and “dad” and her three “kids” in Northern California.

This photo was submitted by Dawn M.

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Boston Terrier Gifts

Boston Terrier Gifts

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Your Boston Terrier Pictures!

boston terrier picturesWant to share your Boston Terrier or Boston Terrier Mix with the world? We sure hope you will!

Go ahead and send a photo to contribute to a community that loves Bostons and Boston Terrier Mixes as much as you do! Email us a photo of your Boston Terrier or Boston Terrier Mix, along with their name, age, the type of mix and a story if you like. You’re Boston will be featured on Your Boston Terrier Mix so you can share with all your family and friends!

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